Our Services

We have fixed a tailored combination of services and prices in order to meet your Company's needs.

Our Core: Staffing

Staffing is at the center of all we do. Finding the right person for each of the positions we fill is what has made our business successful. Our clients require agility, accuracy, and data integrity. Our staffing process focuses on those three areas to provide our clients with the person that makes the right fit.

Internal Efficiency Process - 4 day Metrics

Initial communication with the client must be prompt and accurate. It is important to identify the client’s needs according to the job description but it is also essential to establish communication with direct supervisors to identify operational needs. We must do this in the initial communications since it is our goal to return feedback no later than the 4th day.

Behavioral Interview Process

After having met all the educational and experience requirements, our candidates are submitted to behavioral interviews to validate the competences required by the position. These competences are identified and discussed with the clients in order to ascertain our interviews are parallel to those ran by the client. Candidates’ competences are ranked and properly documented.

Our Process

Once the required competences are validated and measured they must be presented to the client in a way that allows them to understand the capabilities of the candidates and objectively make a decision in selection. Only the highest qualified candidates are submitted to the client. With the individual interview documentation as well as a candidate comparison chart. Just as important, we conduct and validate a compensation analysis to present the client with correct salary and benefit information.


Master People Recruiters will provide to your Company:

A dedicated team of staffing professionals which will be conducting behavioral interviews, performing skills, searching for reference background information and referring only the candidates that fully meet the requirements established by your Company staffing guidelines. Interview coordination and back office duties are included with this service. Our company beyond in recruitment process to cover your special needs and exceed your expectations with:

· Drive: For accepting the challenge to lead Business Recruitment Process.
· Innovation: For creating & implementing the vision of world class integrated service company.
· Passion: For believing in an optimistic future & opportunities for P.R business.
· Commitment: For supporting & developing local talent.
· Excellence: For motivating others to reach their highest potential.

Master People Recruiters recruitment methodology for customers:

As a professional recruitment firm we have the commitment to growth in Puerto Rico local market, Caribbean and United States. We start with a fresh viewpoint and advise you on your best course of action.

Recruitment Methodology

  • Provide and conduct for our clients the interview candidates using Targeted Selection.
  • Manage Clients hiring process: Get in touch to discuss your hiring process, please contact your local Master People Recruiters office or upload your job specification to our website and your best point of   contact  call you straight back.
  • Discuss and Manage client’s needs: We arrange  in-depth conference calls, face to face meetings to discuss client needs. If client don’t have a job description we can help with the development at this stage.
  • Market Update Study: We provide for our clients an honest appraisal about market conditions, the availability of candidates and how your role and the analysis of income package are.
  • Access to the best candidates: Provided by our industry-leading database, range of advertise solutions, active networking with key contacts in the market and keeping up-to date with social media trends.
  • Full Understanding: It’s not all about the technical requirements on paper, so we take the time to understand your business, and the type of professionals that would thrive in your culture.
  • Candidate References and Background Checks: Full referencing for your potential new employee to guarantee their credibility.
  • Offer Management: To make sure that you’re secure your new hire in your ideal timescales, at the right salary level.
  • Submit Invoice for our services.